• My Mothers Wrangler Bluebell Denim Jeans

    My Mothers Wrangler Bluebell Denim Jeans
    Wrangler Bluebell Jeans
    As I was folding my Mothers Wrangler Blue Jeans, I realized that these pair of jeans have been worn for over 65 years by three generations of women in my family.  I remember my mother wearing her "old" jeans during her home improvement projects.  I always loved the shape and color of these wranglers, from the stove pipe leg and side zip waist, to the unique wrangler patch on the back pocket.  My Mother told stories of how she wore them in high school, rolled up with penny loafers.  When I was finally big enough to wear these fabulous jeans, I stole them out of her closet and they became a staple in my wardrobe all through my high school years.  I never purged these denim jeans and carried them with me throughout my life, they kept me connected with my mother throughout my adult years.  When my daughters started high school, the tradition continued and they raided my closet, just as I did, and started wearing these unique Wrangler Blue Bell Jeans. But this time, not with penny loafers but with there own twist of footwear.  Everytime I see one of my daughters wearing these jeans, I snap a photo and send it to my Mother, to remind her of the unintended tradition she started 65 years ago. 
  • LPDstudios Blog: Style- Mothers Day Brunch

    Just because your a mother doesn't mean you can't have a bit of style fun on your own special day!  I just love the bold graphics of this dress from Mara Hoffman Raylin.  The embroidered floral pattern gives it that extra special touch.  And, we can't forget the accessories. We paired this amazing little number with our very own Shiny Citrus Yellow Mini Shopper Tote with Bird.  For your ears we've added our Vintage Pumpkin Orange Leather Floral Earrings with Sterling Silver Hoops and Rivets.  Finally, this Monett Strappy Pump by Athena Alexander in blue suede with its pointed toe and skinny heel adds a bit of class to this dress's whimsical charm. 
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  • Garden Markers

    Getting Inspired for Garden Season-Leather and Copper Garden Markers
  • LPDstudios Blog - Behind the Scenes - Leather, Metal and Gemstone Earrings

    One of my favorite things is working and creating in my studio, but its a very rare summertime activity for me.  I am usually enjoying time with may family because soon enough, everyone will be back in school.  I have been working on a new jewelry collection, combining many mediums like leather, copper, gemstones, pearls and sterling silver.  I just love all the textures, colors and different levels of shine.

    Leather, Copper and Gemstone Earrings

    I have recently started taking notes on the process writing down directions, sizes of components and even the paint colors I use on my leather.  

    Jewelry NotesThe iridescent green fresh water pearls are just gorgeous and will compliment my copper and hand painted leather pieces.  

    Trumpet Vine Earring Components

    The finished product is our Leather and Copper Trumpet Vine Motif Earrings with Iridescent Green Freshwater Pearl and Sterling Silver Beads.

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  • LPDstudios Blog- May Pinterest Pick- J.C. Leyendecker

    Once of my favorite illustrators I was introduced to during my time at Moore College of Art was J.C. Leyendecker.  I always had trouble with my fashion illustrations in college,  my professor introduced me to this amazing artist, his paintings just seemed to simplify everything for me about drawing the human figure.  During his lifetime, Leyendecker painted over 400 magazine covers and is most famous for his Arrow Shirt advertisements.  His illustrations displayed glamorous fashion and Ivy League sports, I love this era.   When I was a menswear designer at Tommy Hilfiger, we used many of his illustrations for inspiration for our collections.  Visit my Pinterest Picks board to see more of Leyendeckers artwork.        
    J.C. Leyendecker
    J.C. Leyendecker
    J.C. Leyendecker

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