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  • The Andy Warhol Museum - Pittsburgh

    The Andy Warhol Museum - Pittsburgh
    Andy Warhol
    When I am in Pittsburgh I love to visit the Andy Warhol Museum. Its an amazing space with so many familiar pieces of artwork and plenty of Warhol's personal belongings. When I walk through the exhibits, I am continually struck by how Warhol transitioned into a fine artist, by using only the techniques he learned as a commercial artist to create these beautiful pieces and redefine what art is.  
  • LPDstudios - Extra Endeavors - Giving Back - Waterford Craft School Fundraiser

    Waterford Craft School Virtual Workshop
    Waterford, Virginia
    LPDstudios is so honored to participate in this years Waterford Craft School Virtual Fundraiser.  As we all know Covid-19 has made us all have to think on our feet, this year the Waterford Craft School has decided to bring their workshops to you, virtually. This historical school helps to preserve traditional methods of craft through hands on instruction. This once a year fundraiser helps The Waterford School continue with their educational mission by providing artists the opportunities to teach their craft.  LPDstudios is not only offering their "Make Me Mine" Leather Clutch Class with the Waterford Craft School, but a "Zoom" question and answer session as well. Come out and support this wonderful school and all of their artisans. The Waterford Craft School is located in Waterford Virginia.  
    For more information about their online fundraiser please click here. 
    Or Call: 502-883-3018 - Tuesday-Friday 9 a.m.- 5p.m.
  • LPDstudios - Style - Shopping for Vintage

    LPDstudios Style - Shopping for Vintage with Daughters
  • LPDstudios - Extra Endeavors -High School Musical - Legally Blonde

    Re-posting some fun moments from this year!

    "Carlos" and Me

    This year I had a rare opportunity to be the costumer for this years high school musical "Legally Blonde".  The kids were amazing, hardworking and very receptive to my ideas.  I had a ton of fun playing into the old tropes and stereotypes of the characters, which where almost 12 years old.  And, figuring out how to make a "Playboy Bunny" costume appropriate for a high school actress.  I am sure we got some backlash along the way, but then isn't that what art has always done.      

    Elle in Bunny Costume    

  • LPDstudios - Extra Endeavors - Girl Scout Badge

    Recently, I was invited by my friend Payton to help her Girl Scout Troop earn their jewelry badge.  I am not your typical jewelry artist and decided to teach them the art of stamping leather.  These girls where very serious.  After discussing what types of jewelry there are and the many different materials it's made of.  We got to work.  First teaching them the basic skills of working in leather, then letting them go, unrestrained, to create their amazing piece of jewelry.  Take a look for yourself what these young ladies accomplished.  

    Girl Scout Badge Workshop

    The End Results

    My friend Payton

    My friend Payton enjoying her S'more this summer at Hershey Chocolate World.




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