• Behind the Scenes: Metal Clay

    Creating has always been in my life.  Starting with my love of vintage cloths and sewing to my education in art and design, moving through a fifteen year career in fashion and now being a creative person with a family.  About five years ago I felt that I wanted to explore a new art form and on a whim enrolled in a metal smith class.  Since that class and many workshops later, I have been invigorated by a new art medium, metal clay!

    A majority of the jewelry pieces I create are made using bronze and copper metal clay, which is a clay like material made up of fine metal particles combined with an organic binder and water.  In the early stages I am able to use it just like clay.  I roll it out, cut any desired shape, add texture to the surface, and manipulate it in any way I want to create my pieces.

    LPDStudios Metal Clay Tools

    Once happy with the shape and design, I cross my fingers and place pieces in a special kiln designed for metal clay.  The high heat of the kiln is what burns off the binder in the metal clay and the metal particles fuse together to create a solid metal item.

    LPDStudios Metal Clay Pieces in Kiln LPDStudios Metal Clay Pieces in Kiln

    LPDStudios Metal Clay Kiln

    Once the firing process is complete, I reach into the cooled kiln and remove the finished pieces!! Even though the binder has burned off, there is still a residual white reside present on the metal, so I brush, rub and polish to bring out the true luster in each piece.

    Here you can see how much of a transformation metal clay takes between its pre-fired state and post-fired state!

    LPDStudios Metal Clay Pieces pre-fired   LPDStudios Metal Clay post-fired

    LPDStudios Pre-Fired and Post-Fired Pieces

    I really love working with metal clay and am always in the studio exploring new techniques to create original work.  Keep checking back to see whats new!

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