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    Dinosaur Rock

    Lebanon County, Pennsylvania

    Family at Dinosaur Rock

    The Family

    Family at Dinosaur Rock

     The Dinosaur

    Family at Dinosaur Rock

    We've had plenty of family time during quarantine and done a lot of hiking. But, Dinosaur Rock is in my top favorite.  Even though it is full of colorful graffiti, this series of randomly emerged and perfectly stacked rocks emerged 200 million years ago. I don't know how many times I circled this structure, more amazed every time about how wonderful and awesome nature is, even with graffiti.     

  • LPDstudios- Family Love Trinkets - Sharks Tooth Necklaces

    Sharks Tooth with Love Trinkets
    Recently I received an unexpected email from California, a request for two custom necklaces. Through a google search they had come across my sharks tooth necklaces that I had made for a previous customer.  My clients stories of travel, the sharks dive, tradition, and family was so beautiful,  I couldn't pass up the opportunity to put all those ideas of love into one place.   Not only did they want a charm for the teeth but they requested several other love trinkets to appear with it, the coordinates where the sharks teeth where found and a compass rose.  The compass rose was their family tradition of always finding there way home.       
    I decided to create my compass rose charm out of fine silver metal clay.  I love this product, its a finely ground powder of fine silver mixed with a binder.  The end product is a material like clay or "play-doh", which is easily manipulated to create many shapes that can be built and layered.  After all my shapes where created, I then combined the triangles and circles to create the compass rose.  The challenge was to create two charms that where the similar.  After the shapes are "bone" dry, they are put into a high temperature kiln, burning off the binder and leaving solid fine silver behind.   
    metal stamps for lettering
    To make the coordinate charms I used stainless steel letters designed for jewelry making.  Each letter is hand stamped with a brass mallet onto sterling silver creating the mark.  I made vertical charms for the longitude coordinates and horizontal charms for the latitude coordinates.  Your always going to have a few mess ups with this step, so its good to practice several times beforehand.  
    The coordinates are trimmed, sanded then polished to create the charm. 
    Attaching the Bail to the Sharks Tooth
    To attach the bail onto the sharks tooth, I must create a hole.  I pull out my secret weapon, my husband.  He is a dentist so I leave this step up to him, he never fails and is always precise.  
    Love Trinkets
    For the final pieces I used liver of sulfur to blacken the charms, bringing out the letters and textures.  A beautiful end result for a beautiful story. 
  • LPDstudios - Extra Endeavors - Girl Scout Badge

    Recently, I was invited by my friend Payton to help her Girl Scout Troop earn their jewelry badge.  I am not your typical jewelry artist and decided to teach them the art of stamping leather.  These girls where very serious.  After discussing what types of jewelry there are and the many different materials it's made of.  We got to work.  First teaching them the basic skills of working in leather, then letting them go, unrestrained, to create their amazing piece of jewelry.  Take a look for yourself what these young ladies accomplished.  

    Girl Scout Badge Workshop

    The End Results

    My friend Payton

    My friend Payton enjoying her S'more this summer at Hershey Chocolate World.




  • LPDstudios Blog - Behind the Scenes - Leather, Metal and Gemstone Earrings

    One of my favorite things is working and creating in my studio, but its a very rare summertime activity for me.  I am usually enjoying time with may family because soon enough, everyone will be back in school.  I have been working on a new jewelry collection, combining many mediums like leather, copper, gemstones, pearls and sterling silver.  I just love all the textures, colors and different levels of shine.

    Leather, Copper and Gemstone Earrings

    I have recently started taking notes on the process writing down directions, sizes of components and even the paint colors I use on my leather.  

    Jewelry NotesThe iridescent green fresh water pearls are just gorgeous and will compliment my copper and hand painted leather pieces.  

    Trumpet Vine Earring Components

    The finished product is our Leather and Copper Trumpet Vine Motif Earrings with Iridescent Green Freshwater Pearl and Sterling Silver Beads.

    Explore the LPDstudios Leather and Metal Jewelry Collection.

  • LPDstudios Blog - Inspiration - Niagara Falls Canada

    Lisa at Niagara Falls Canada
    Summer has officially arrived and my time in the studio has come to a screeching halt.  Because of this, I was able to take a road trip to Niagara Falls Canada.  The falls are just incredibly amazing, I just could not take my eyes off them. They where so dazzling, inspiring, beautiful......and wet.  There are just not enough adjectives to describe these wondrous icons.  
    Niagara Falls Canada

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