• LPDstudios Blog - Inspiration -Leoma Lovegrove Gallery and Gift Shop - Florida

    I recently was on a mini vacation and decided to take a visit to the Leoma Lovegrove Gallery and Gift Shop in Matalache Florida.   What a treat for this Pennsylvanians tired winter eyes.

    Fairy House at Leoma Lovegrove Gallery and Shop

    The whole gallery and shop was exploded with color,  all kinds of color! I just couldn't get enough, from the sweet fairy houses.

    Leoma Lovegrove Bus

    To this insanely decorated RV featuring a painting of the Beatles on the back to Leoma's crazy trademark sunglasses on the side.  All painted with colors that are her and South Florida's trademark.  

    Leoma Lovegrove Gallery and Shop

    Tons of rocking critter toys literally "rockin" in the Florida sun!

    Leoma Lovegrove Gallery and Shop

    Who could resist taking a photo of this iconic sign, telling visitors where they are in the world. 

    Lisa at Leoma Lovegrover Gallery and Shop

    Finally, a photo of me just hanging out in this gazebo, artwork everywhere from paintings to stained glass and sculpture, no rhyme or reason for being, just enjoying the beautiful color everywhere.  If you want to see more just click on the link:  

  • LPDstudios Blog - Extra Endeavors - DECA 2019

    Giving Back
    DECA 2019This year I had the opportunity to participate in the 68th Annual State Career and Development Conference, DECA.   Over 2,000 high school students from all over Pennsylvania participated in this three day event.  Not only where the kids able to choose from dozens of workshops, including: "What it's really like to be a Fashion Designer" presented by me.  But, they where judged on written events, role playing, and their interviewing skills.  First place winners in Pennsylvania move onto Nationals.  Such an impressive event, these students where just incredible.  Good Luck at Nationals!  
  • LPDstudios Blog - Extra Endeavors - High School Musical

    Giving Back
    Lower Dauphin Musical
    I had so much fun helping with the costumes at my daughters high school musical this year and what a fun musical it was, Mama Mia.  So many talented kids with such amazing voices.  I can't wait to see what the director picks next year!
  • LPDstudios Blog - Take a Peak - Couples Gifts

    Looking for a new take on the love holiday? How about some leather. We have an amazing Valentines Day Collection.  

    Couples Leather Love Wristlets

    I just love our Couples Love Cuffs, in black and brown cognac.  Our hand cut rivets add just a bit naughty.

    Heart Motif Rustic Leather Wristlet with Handcut Rivets

    Or, our Heart Motif Leather Wristlet, if you want something a bit tamer.

    Maybe, you like to mix it up a bit and create your own unique gift.  We just love the look of the Three of Hearts Vintage Leather Bangle and the Couple's Love Cuff.

  • Love Trinkets for Him

    We've designed some very cool "Love Trinkets" for him, not to sweet with just a touch of sentiment.  How about a leather cuff with your secret word or special date hand stamped onto copper.  We then distress and blacken the copper to bring out the detail.    

    Maybe, a black leather cord necklace is more his style.  We custom stamp both your initials and your special date onto sterling silver.  

    Check out our Valentines Day Collection for more gift ideas. Taking custom orders until February 2, 2019.


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