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  • January Fun- Personal Projects

    I love January, it gives me time to reflect, design and of course work on personal projects that I did not get to during the year.  I have been wanting to create a new watchband for my beloved Schmutz Rabbit watch.  This watch is special not only because it was a gift, but I do not think the Schmutz company is in business anymore. If they still are, please let me know so I can tell them how much I adore their watches.  the finished watch band
    I needed to decide what color I wanted my new watchband to be. I choose a color from the water stain swatches I use in my collection
    I decided to use the color burgundy, it reminds me of a cabernet, plus it brings out the colors in the rabbit. First, I cut the leather, distress it, shape the watchband with my leather punches and apply the water stain. 
    After applying leather balm and shining the leather on my rag wheel, I am ready to begin. I wanted to keep the original buckle, because it has the Schmutz logo engraved on it. I wrap the band around the buckle and watch springs, and start sewing everything into place.
    Finally finished, I can't wait to start wearing my delightful Schmutz Watch again. 
  • My Mothers Wrangler Bluebell Denim Jeans

    My Mothers Wrangler Bluebell Denim Jeans
    Wrangler Bluebell Jeans
    As I was folding my Mothers Wrangler Blue Jeans, I realized that these pair of jeans have been worn for over 65 years by three generations of women in my family.  I remember my mother wearing her "old" jeans during her home improvement projects.  I always loved the shape and color of these wranglers, from the stove pipe leg and side zip waist, to the unique wrangler patch on the back pocket.  My Mother told stories of how she wore them in high school, rolled up with penny loafers.  When I was finally big enough to wear these fabulous jeans, I stole them out of her closet and they became a staple in my wardrobe all through my high school years.  I never purged these denim jeans and carried them with me throughout my life, they kept me connected with my mother throughout my adult years.  When my daughters started high school, the tradition continued and they raided my closet, just as I did, and started wearing these unique Wrangler Blue Bell Jeans. But this time, not with penny loafers but with there own twist of footwear.  Everytime I see one of my daughters wearing these jeans, I snap a photo and send it to my Mother, to remind her of the unintended tradition she started 65 years ago. 
  • The Andy Warhol Museum - Pittsburgh

    The Andy Warhol Museum - Pittsburgh
    Andy Warhol
    When I am in Pittsburgh I love to visit the Andy Warhol Museum. Its an amazing space with so many familiar pieces of artwork and plenty of Warhol's personal belongings. When I walk through the exhibits, I am continually struck by how Warhol transitioned into a fine artist, by using only the techniques he learned as a commercial artist to create these beautiful pieces and redefine what art is.  
  • LPDstudios - Style - Shopping for Vintage

    LPDstudios Style - Shopping for Vintage with Daughters
  • LPDstudios - Extra Endeavors -High School Musical - Legally Blonde

    Re-posting some fun moments from this year!

    "Carlos" and Me

    This year I had a rare opportunity to be the costumer for this years high school musical "Legally Blonde".  The kids were amazing, hardworking and very receptive to my ideas.  I had a ton of fun playing into the old tropes and stereotypes of the characters, which where almost 12 years old.  And, figuring out how to make a "Playboy Bunny" costume appropriate for a high school actress.  I am sure we got some backlash along the way, but then isn't that what art has always done.      

    Elle in Bunny Costume    

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