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  • LPDstudios - Extra Endeavors - Girl Scout Badge

    Recently, I was invited by my friend Payton to help her Girl Scout Troop earn their jewelry badge.  I am not your typical jewelry artist and decided to teach them the art of stamping leather.  These girls where very serious.  After discussing what types of jewelry there are and the many different materials it's made of.  We got to work.  First teaching them the basic skills of working in leather, then letting them go, unrestrained, to create their amazing piece of jewelry.  Take a look for yourself what these young ladies accomplished.  

    Girl Scout Badge Workshop

    The End Results

    My friend Payton

    My friend Payton enjoying her S'more this summer at Hershey Chocolate World.




  • LPDstudios Blog - Inspiration - Niagara Falls Canada

    Lisa at Niagara Falls Canada
    Summer has officially arrived and my time in the studio has come to a screeching halt.  Because of this, I was able to take a road trip to Niagara Falls Canada.  The falls are just incredibly amazing, I just could not take my eyes off them. They where so dazzling, inspiring, beautiful......and wet.  There are just not enough adjectives to describe these wondrous icons.  
    Niagara Falls Canada
  • LPDstudios - Inspiration - Frida Kahlo - Brooklyn

     Here I am at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, waiting to see the Frida exhibit.

    Lisa at Brooklyn Museum of ArtI just saw the most amazing Frida Kahlo show at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, titled Appearances Can Be Deceiving.  Such an overwhelming and well curated exhibit of her belongings that have been locked away since her death in 1954.  This show includes some of her paintings, her beautiful clothing, her corsets of painted plaster, her prosthetics, and even her medicines that she used to manage a lifetime of pain. I left the exhibit renewed, inspired and with even a greater admiration for her and her work.

    Frida Kahlo

  • LPDstudios Blog - Inspiration -Leoma Lovegrove Gallery and Gift Shop - Florida

    I recently was on a mini vacation and decided to take a visit to the Leoma Lovegrove Gallery and Gift Shop in Matalache Florida.   What a treat for this Pennsylvanians tired winter eyes.

    Fairy House at Leoma Lovegrove Gallery and Shop

    The whole gallery and shop was exploded with color,  all kinds of color! I just couldn't get enough, from the sweet fairy houses.

    Leoma Lovegrove Bus

    To this insanely decorated RV featuring a painting of the Beatles on the back to Leoma's crazy trademark sunglasses on the side.  All painted with colors that are her and South Florida's trademark.  

    Leoma Lovegrove Gallery and Shop

    Tons of rocking critter toys literally "rockin" in the Florida sun!

    Leoma Lovegrove Gallery and Shop

    Who could resist taking a photo of this iconic sign, telling visitors where they are in the world. 

    Lisa at Leoma Lovegrover Gallery and Shop

    Finally, a photo of me just hanging out in this gazebo, artwork everywhere from paintings to stained glass and sculpture, no rhyme or reason for being, just enjoying the beautiful color everywhere.  If you want to see more just click on the link:  

  • LPDstudios Blog - Inspiration - Summer Fun - Taylor Swift

    What a great ending to our Summer of 2018, a Taylor Swift concert in Pittsburgh.  My two daughters have been big fans since their preschool days.  I can't remember how old they where when we saw Taylor Swift for the first time.  I can only remember the pink and red cowboy boots they wore and the tears of excitement before, during, and after the show.    

    Inspiration- Family- Summer Fun

    Her Reputation tour delivered with even more excitement.  The crazy lights, a beautiful firework display, shiny sequins, and blow up snake props.  I couldn't get enough of the bracelets that danced to the beat of the music.  I just had to video tape it.   

     The Reputation Summer Tour Stage

    Taylor Swift 2018 Reputation Tour

    We had been waiting since Christmas to see her this summer, but now it's over. Its only a sad reminder that summer ending. I guess its time to get serious and head back into the studio.  I've had such a fabulous summer with so much inspiration there are so many ideas brewing in my head.  I can't wait to get started. 

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