• January Fun- Personal Projects

    I love January, it gives me time to reflect, design and of course work on personal projects that I did not get to during the year.  I have been wanting to create a new watchband for my beloved Schmutz Rabbit watch.  This watch is special not only because it was a gift, but I do not think the Schmutz company is in business anymore. If they still are, please let me know so I can tell them how much I adore their watches.  the finished watch band
    I needed to decide what color I wanted my new watchband to be. I choose a color from the water stain swatches I use in my collection
    I decided to use the color burgundy, it reminds me of a cabernet, plus it brings out the colors in the rabbit. First, I cut the leather, distress it, shape the watchband with my leather punches and apply the water stain. 
    After applying leather balm and shining the leather on my rag wheel, I am ready to begin. I wanted to keep the original buckle, because it has the Schmutz logo engraved on it. I wrap the band around the buckle and watch springs, and start sewing everything into place.
    Finally finished, I can't wait to start wearing my delightful Schmutz Watch again. 

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