• LPDstudios Blog: Whats New-Mothers Day Gifts

    Look whats new for Mothers Day,  I would like to introduce The Forever Fused Two Hearts Pendant Necklace and Gently Curved Gold Bronze Heart Earrings.  When I started creating these new designs in the studio I had love in mind.  The necklace is two curved hearts fused together without any solder.  I can do this because I started off using bronze metal clay.  The two hearts where joined during the clay stage of the necklace.  During the kiln firing process, the clay is turned into solid gold bronze and is joined together,  just like our love for our children.  The pendant hangs from a beautiful 14/20 gold filled chain with a wheat pattern.  Our collection would not be complete without our Gently Curved Gold Bronze Heart Earrings.  What an amazing way to express your love this Mothers Day. 

    We always designing and creating something new at LPDstudios.

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