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    I was recently approached by a client at a party, his wife's birthday was fast approaching and he wanted me to create a whimsical charm for her that was based off their last name.  Their last name, if spelled incorrectly could mean something completely different.....Kohr vs. Core.  I loved the idea of doing an apple core and knew exactly what medium I wanted to work in, bronze metal clay.  At first, I wasn't sure how to proceed, but soon decided I should start with a solid cylinder of dried metal clay and carve out my apple core.  

    Bronze Metal Clay Apple Core     

    The perfect tool for this project was a wooden toothpick. 

    Bronze Metal Clay Apple Core

    Almost finished, just need a few more details.

    Bronzed Apple Core Charm

    After my charm is fired in a kiln, it is now solid bronze. 

     Polished Bronze Apple Core Charm

    I just needed a few more finishing touches to bring the charm to life.  First I polished the apple skin to a high shine.  Then I decided to keep the apple flesh unfinished for more visual interest.  Finally, I used liver of sulfur to blacken parts of the charm and bring out the details.  

    LPDstudios Custom Apple Core Charm

    The final product, beautiful!

    If you are interested in a custom product please visit our collection or contact us with your ideas.  

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