• LPDstudios: Style - Overdyed Purple Plum Brindle Fur Leather Tote with Tassels

    Handmade with attention to detail, the Overdyed Purple Plum Brindle Fur Leather Tote with Tassels is a great everyday handbag with a one of a kind look. It has special design detailing, including hand cut tassels, pinked edges, contrast cording and a stag horn closure. But my favorite part is the hide, which is made of soft, genuine Italian leather. The hide has been saturated and overdyed in a rich plum color to create an overall brindled effect.

    For today's style board, I wanted to create an everyday look that would let the personality of this unique tote shine. I chose a classic white shirt and simple jeans, paired with slip on suede mules and gold hoop earrings. The slouchy leather jacket is the finishing touch to give the outfit a little edginess.

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