• LPDstudios Blog: Style - Copper Bangles and Studs

    LPDstudios Blog: Style - Copper Bangles and Studs
    My Copper Heart Studs and Copper Bangles easily go with anyones style, but today I created an outfit that gives a nod back to my earlier days. In High School I loved the beatnik look of the 1950's and the London Mod scene of the 1960's, so baggie jeans and chunky Dr. Martens boots were always a part of my style. To update the look, I chose a cream cabled sweater and boot cut jeans to pair back to the iconic flower printed Dr. Martens. Since the boots are such a great statement piece, I kept the copper accessories simple and stylish.
    Check out LPDstudios to see all of my copper accessories, and click here to learn more about the other pieces featured on this week's style board!

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