• LPD Inspiration: My Girls

    LPD Inspiration: My Girl(s)
    I love this photo of me and my girls, Sophia and Lily!  We went to San Francisco and Lake Tahoe for a family vacation this past August. Here we are at Fisherman's Wharf with dozens of seals basking in the sun on the pier. 
    My children are a constant inspiration in my life, not only because they are a never ending source of support and love, but they have shaped who I am. I have thought about the other paths and journey's I could've taken in my life. The "what ifs" of not meeting my husband or becoming a mother, and without them I would not be who I am today. I would have never gone down these roads of self exploration or learned these valuable life lessons about myself, my art and the limitless possibilities that come with being open to new life adventures. I want to show my family, just as they've shown me, that life is ever changing and your path is never permanent. 

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